About me

I am Satu Valtonen

”Satu Valtonen is adventurous young woman with positive attitude towards the world and she loves travelling.”

Satu ValtonenTravelling has always been one of my biggest passions. We travelled a lot with my family when I was a kid and we went for a first long distance holiday to Cyprus when I was 11 years old. After graduating from Upper Secondary School I decided to fulfil my dream and I went abroad alone for the first time – to Australia for a year!

After coming back to Finland, it was surprisingly difficult adapt into Finland and I wanted to move back abroad. I went to Päivölä College to study myself as an overseas travel guide. I was working 6 months in Crete and 3 months in Tenerife in 2013.

Back to School

Beginning of 2014 I decided to come back to Finland. I applied to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences to study Event Management in autumn 2015. However, I changed my major to Business Administration in autumn 2016. I went to Germany for my exchange year in 2017. In my studies I have been focusing on marketing and international business. I want to develop myself and my professional skills also after my studies and my goal is to learn something new every day.

”When you want to travel on a budget, you must be creative and put in the effort.”

During the years abroad the travel budget has been a minimum in time to time, but when a travel bug has bitten you, there is no way out expect booking a new trip. This has forced me to be a creative to make it happen – and the result is about 30 visited countries in five different continents.

about me
All the countries that I have visited.

Creative already as a kid

I am creative person and writing has been my beloved hobby among the handicrafts and playing piano. Although, it has been left out during the past years excluding the school assignments. As a kid we established our own library in our playhouse with two of my friends. We wrote all the books ourselves. Kids from the neighbourhood came to borrow the books and we were writing more. I still have all those books in safe.

I have been thinking to establish my own blog for a while now and finally in summer 2018 it was the right time. The topics of this blog are mostly about on budget travelling with my own experiences. I also want to write about other things in my life like food, sports, health, self development and so on.

I will write most of my blogs in Finnish, but I am planning to start writing in English little bit later.

Welcome on board!

You can find me on Instagram with @satuvaltonen and my newest blogs you can read from here.

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